Waging and Winning the War Against Acne: Mario Badescu

I have always struggled with acne. From the minute my hormones took to making my life a living hell, I’d started to see little red bumps popping up all over my face. I was twelve, an evil age when dealing with acne, and looking for a solution. Thousands of dollars and fourteen years later, I’ve finally found it.
Natural ingredients that are gentle enough for my sensitive skin but strong enough for my acne have always been the “impossible dream” for me until now. Mario Badescu created a Glycolic Foaming Cleanser that with the help of Chamomile, Yarrow extract and St. John’s Wort has literally saved my skin. The scent is important to me, so imagine my joy when I breathed in that first sniff and felt immediately relaxed with its clean, natural scent. I only have to use a dime-size amount, twice a day, which is fabulous with a tight budget like mine. The 6 oz. bottle retails for $15.00 at Nordstrom. I bought this bottle 3 months ago and I still have over half the bottle left! Within the first week of use, I noticed my skin feeling softer, healthier, like it was breathing for the first time.
The second (and only other!) step in this process is Mario’s Drying Mask. It retails for $18.00 and is a 2 oz. tub. I have used a little more of this product, although I still have half the tub left! It uses colloidal sulfur to pull toxins to the surface and then absorbs them out of your pores. The sulfur smell does take a bit to get used to but if you have experienced acne for as long and with as much suffering as I have, a little stink will be just fine. After a month of using it, it doesn’t even bother me anymore. This Drying Mask is the ticket to keeping your pores clear and breathing. The first two nights I used it, I covered my face and slept with it on over night. By Day 3, I had significantly less pimples than on Day 1. Now, 3 months later, I use the mask on my entire face once a week and spot treat when I have an eruption. Might I add that by putting the mask on the pimple/problem area and letting it work through the night, I cut back my outbreaks by half. Instead of having to deal with 5-10 pimples at a time, I now only deal with 1-2.
I understand there is a huge amount of skepticism that comes along with the treatment of acne. I lived it. I am still amazed by the drastic changes I have seen by using Mario Badescu’s two products. I recommend this for anyone who likes to understand everything there is to know about the products they use. You can also learn more about these two products and many more by going online to: www.mariobadescu.com From one skeptic to another, it may not be impossible to have beautiful skin.


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