Don’t Even Bat an Eye: The lashes that almost, but didn’t, give me a wink.

My girls and I are always looking for ways to look fabulous. We want ways to accentuate the attributes we love and hide the ones we don't. That being said, I had a wedding to go to a few weeks ago and decided to embark on the journey into the world of Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive Eyelashes. I chose the length named "Intensifying", thinking this would be perfect for a semi-formal evening wedding. I am immediately confused by the plastic eyelash applicator. Now, I am not well-versed in the ways of eyelash enhancement, so I opened up my directions and got myself ready. Directions: check. Weird plastic device that claims to be "an applicator": check. Lash Stand with lashes in place: check. You might be wondering where the glue is? Ah ha! No glue needed, which was my initial attraction to these lashes in particular. Seriously, ladies, we all know how complicated things can get with lash glue. You normally need someone else helping and the situation almost always ends with someone throwing their arms in the air, screaming, "I'm DONE." So you can imagine my sheer excitement with these "self-adhesive" beauties sitting on my countertop, just waiting for me to "simply place them on my lash line." The first thing I notice is the silky feel of the lashes. It’s hard to find lashes that feel natural and soft as opposed to thick and manufactured. I measure them against my own lashes and they seem to be a good length, too. I'm fine up until the part where I cannot get the lashes off of my fingertips. They are adhering faster and faster! All the while, I'm trying to "wiggle and press the lashes into the base of my natural lash line".

When I do finally get the lashes to stay in place, I can only manage to get the center to stick. The ends are no longer adhesive due to my earlier battle with fingers. Fabulous. I try with all of my might to re-adhere them but it's a no-go. The lashes will stick no more. They soundly get dumped in the trash, along with their stupid plastic applicator. Now, it does come with an extra adhesive strip that you press onto the lashes for multiple wearings, but truly, that's only if the lashes survive the first wear. Point of the story is this, ladies: Although some products might promise to be "all-in-one", a product that will cut out all of those "useless" steps for you while making you look better than the red carpet, they might be lying. Yeah, I said it. They might just be trying to sell you something. Go figure. They retail anywhere from $5.99-$8.99, which is comprable to the lashes that come with their own bottle of glue. It basically comes down to personal preference. For me, I don't mind the extra steps, as long as I know they work. And provide a fabulous wink for my night out.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing these "all in one" shaded eye shadow stick ons (Yeah, I know) in an Avon catalog a month or two back... they made me cringe. How could it fit every eye shape?

I'd really love to see a review on those, I'm sure it'd be comical.

June 24, 2009 at 11:36 PM

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