Elizabeth Grant Soleil Smart Skin Care

I bet you've never heard of Elizabeth Grant's skin care products. And that's unfortunate, because they are really quite good!

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try several products out of the Soleil Smart line of sunscreens and bronzers, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

My favorite product out of the entire line is the Lip Protection SPF 15. It's a great lip balm that gives you good protection when you're outdoors. I find it the most helpful when I'm at the beach. It also is a great base to put on before your lipstick, and helps keep lips moisturized and protected.

Also fabulous is the Soleil Smart Body Protection. This is a wonderful body lotion that works it's magic as a sunscreen without a harsh scent. I used this recently when I was going to be at a outdoor party, but I was a bit worried that I'd be trailing a whiff of that sunscreen smell everywhere I went. It wasn't a problem at all, and I was one of the few that didn't end up with a burn on my arms. It contains aloe vera, chamomile, shea butter, and Torricelumn, Elizabeth Grant's proprietary moisturizing compound.

I also tried the Body Bronzer, Elizabeth Grant's self tanner. Let me tell you, this self tanner is no joke. It develops in two hours and gives a deep bronze without a tint of orange. But be warned - you must apply this carefully, as it can streak. Also, consider using latex gloves to ward off the mess factor. The Face Bronzer isn't quite as dramatic, but it can be a little runny. It works brilliantly with a cotton pad, though, and the color isn't orange at all.

Purchase Elizabeth Grant products online at ElizabethGrant.com. And as a bonus, right now you can receive 25% off your products by using the promo code THANKYOU at checkout.


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