The Saga of the Lash Extentions

Recently I had lash extentions put on for the first time. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably heard about it, I was so happy. They were absolutely gorgeous, but not without their problems.

It was a big weekend for me, and I decided since I had parties going on every night starting on Friday and moving right through Sunday (a dear friend of mine was tying the knot), I knew I'd be putting falsies on anyway, so why not try lash extensions?

The process was painless and fast. For both eyes, it only took about twenty minutes. Essentially, the process was to use single lashes (such as the kind you purchase at the beauty supply store) and apply them with tweezers using a most incredible adhesive. At the end of the process I had gorgeous, full, lush lashes that garnered me lots and lots of compliments.

So what could possibly go wrong? Apparently that night, while I slept, I pulled at them. I don't remember doing this, and was shocked to see what happened in the mirror the next morning. On both eyes, half my lashes were off and dangling at a most precarious angle. So, what did I do, besides completely freak out? The worst thing you could possibly do - I pulled at the rest of them. Yes, I did. And that pulled out almost all my real lashes in the process, leaving me with not only no extensions, but seriously sparse lashes to boot. Now I'm working on getting those bad boys to grow back in, which is a separate blog post for another time.

I saw my technician two days later, and she was completely appalled. Apparently, I made a huge mistake pulling on them (obviously!), and should have come right back in for a quick repair job at no extra cost. It would have saved both my extensions and my natural lashes both.

I would do it again, especially if I had as much going on in a short time, since I always wear false lashes to fun events. But I'd keep my hands off and run in for a fix if I ran into problems.

The takeaway from this episode will be not only beautiful lashes for a short time but getting my natural ones to grow back. I'll be a lash expert!


Mrs Sweetwater said...

listen girl, whenyo sleep you put on an eye mask, which will keep your lashes intact. put in your eye drops before you go to sleep also. splash your eyes with cold water and put in your eye drops in the am before you put on your eye colors.

those bad boys should last at least a week, from what I know.

you know you can put them in yourself right ? but get really good ones, because they last longer and curl better.

and curl them daily to keep them longer.

June 7, 2009 at 11:29 PM

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