Seven Days of Mascara: Better Than Waterproof Mascara by Cargo

Today was a beach day, so my routine this morning was pretty easy. I slathered on a bunch of Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment on my locks, put a bun in, threw on a scarf, washed my face, threw the SPF on there, and reached for my Better Than Waterproof Mascara by Cargo.

Why? Because it lasts. Forever. Through the beach, the shower afterward, and just about anything else you can throw at it. The best part? It's actually a really good mascara! It goes on easily, it does not clump up at all, and has some excellent volumizing properties for a mascara that lasts so long.

Cargo claims that it will come off with gentle pressure and some warm water, but since I wear contacts, I'm hesitant to put gentle pressure on my eyes at all. However, it comes off just fine with my eye makeup remover, and doesn't make a mess while you're doing it.

While I wouldn't grab it for a night out on the town, mostly because I'm usually sporting some falsies, this is my gold standard for any active days I have and need to know that my mascara isn't going to make a mess on my face.

Grab it at or Sephora for $20. You won't be sorry.


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