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I've been known throughout my lifetime, all 27.8 years of it, to have the right instincts about things. Not always. But on occasion, I have totally had my finger on the pulse point of style and hipness. Those of you who know me are laughing at this to be sure. I have my own funk, yes, but I also have great instincts about what trends are seasonal and which ones are classic and everlasting. My most recent discovery was more than that. It was a premonition. How exciting! By just playing around with my makeup and colors one morning, I created and wore THIS FALL SEASON'S COLORS! Yes. You heard it here first. I had a vibe that these three colors would be a hit, a smash, even. I wanted to fill all my ladies in on this fall's trio and give you guys some hints and tips on how to sport them on any occasion! I've recently become brave with my eye makeup. I have been told by my most trusted makeup guru, "G", that I never put it on dark enough. Right when I'm starting to feel like I might've gone overboard, G chimes in with, "Darker!" What can I say? I have always been under the DISILLUSION that because I'm a minimalist in most areas of my life that I must be in my beauty life as well. How wrong was I! How amazing is it when you discover a color that makes your eyes ignite? Don't you giggle with glee when you find the exact color lip gloss that you've been looking for at half the price you planned on? I now bring you my complete gigglefest of 2009. My Fall Color Trio Review, Ladies. Read it and cackle!

The first color of this fall is TEAL. I am overjoyed by this. Teal is truly a fabulous color that is overlooked much too often. I bought the richest shade of teal I have ever seen last year. It's called "Plumage" by MAC. I don't think I could describe this in a way that would do it justice. It looks like velvet. It is such a deep color that it makes you feel like you could just wrap yourself in it. Yes, ladies. I love me some teal. However, I am also a chicken. Remember, I said recently became brave. So, it was just two months ago that I put my big girl panties on and played with the teal. What a rush! It creates the perfect smokey eye while inticing you with green undertones. MAC eye shadow pots normally retail for approximately $28, so it is a bit of a penny pinch. However, you all know how strongly I believe in spending a bit more for a better quality product. I've seen the light. But I also understand that Momma can't always buy MAC. So I did some more research (playing!) and found a drugstore brand substitute that gives that same teal bite. Cover Girl made a pallette called "Tropical Fusion" (#205) which has a beautiful shade of teal in it. It is lighter than the Plumage and more on the turquoise side, but if layered well, it creates a fantastic punch of color! This pallette retails for $6.99 at most drug stores. There is another beautiful color within this pallette, ironically, that is the second fall color!! Papaya is a deep orange that falls in between burnt orange and melon. It is a warm color that is great for an enhancer in a smokey eye and even wears well alone! Now ladies, I know some of you are shaking your heads right now and chuckling at me, "Sweet girl, she's just too ambitious." Ha! This is where I tell you to break out of your shells and explore and experiment with color! Papaya is incredible, really. It is a shade that at first glance, one thinks it is too much. But once you try it, you see that it has so many different options for all types of makeup wearers. Worn lightly, it adds just enough warmth to a brown eye, making it glow. Worn layered and darker, it is a nice orange/bronze look, great for summertime and warmer weather. I was pleasantly surprised by this color and it is definitely a staple color for me now. It goes well with teal for a funky eye, great with brown for a more neutral eye and fabulous by itself for a soft look. Papaya is one versatile color…

…which brings me to the third fall color, Amethyst. Let's all have a moment of silence for Anna's first love with eye shadow. I began my journey through the eye makeup world with a dark purple eye shadow that was made by Jane. It stuck it out for two years. It was my old reliable. But then I expanded my horizons and paid a visit to Sephora and realized I could do so much more with purple! Enter my favorite purple to date, Frigid , made by Urban Decay. I first found it in a color quad, a present from G, of course. It made me sigh with relief to see it, like coming home after a long trip. I love familiar things. And with the teal and papaya being a huge leap for me, I needed the third color to be something tried and true. I have always used my dark purple with smokey eyes or even as a simple liner for a smudged look. But imagine my sheer joy when I reached my pinnacle of courage and wore THESE THREE COLORS TOGETHER!! I felt like I had arrived. It was the most beautiful trio I have ever seen on my eyes. I have included a picture of this trio on my eyes. Please enjoy! It’s very simple to do. I lined my eyes with the Plumage and started at the outside corner of my eye, working my way in with the Frigid and then ending at the inner corner with the Papaya. Then I line the bottom lash line from the inner corner half a centimeter out with the Papaya and the blend it in with the teal on the outer bottom lash line. Sweep a highlighter under your brow and dab a tiny bit on the inside corner of the eye. Finish with a fabulous black or dark brown mascara and you're ready to rock! Remember, there are millions of ways to work this trio into your style this fall. The eye shadow was just my first taste! Next I will be experimenting with accessories and jewelry. Just by adding a teal scarf, some purple nail polish or papaya tights, you’re showing your fashion forward side and maintaining your own personal style. And that’s what it’s all about, yes? Use these colors as inspiration and let your creative juices flow!


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