In The Dressing Room: Gap's 1969 Premium Designer Jeans

Gap recently launched a huge campaign about their new premium denim line, 1969 jeans. The blogs were all atwitter about it (probably because some fashion bloggers got free pairs, but my mailbox was pretty empty, not that I'm bitter), and the email campaign launched at about the same time. I'm sure Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic cardholders got quite a few reminders to come check them out.

At any rate, I found myself at the mall recently and decided to go in and see what all the fuss was about. And what I found out was...they are pretty good jeans. But then again, I always thought Gap had good jeans. Do they feel like my Sevens? No. Do they feel nice? Yes. Plus they make my butt look good, which is the best reason to buy them.

The jeans you see here are the ones I actually purchased. I plan to go back and get the dark wash curvy cut. I was torn between the two of them, and later realized that I should have just gotten both.

I tried on every single cut, so that I could give you the scoop on what to expect. Now, I totally needed therapy after I walked out of the dressing room, so be in awe of what I will put myself through for you guys. Just sayin'.

Perfect Boot cut: These were really flattering, but you will probably need to go up a size. They are mid rise, which is a newer and more flattering cut, in my opinion. The boot cut is almost a flare, so be sure that you're up for such a thing.

Real Straight cut: The cut I ended up purchasing, much to my surprise. I figured that I wouldn't like these at all, but they actually ended up looking the best out of all of them. They are low cut, so watch for muffin top and other unflattering things, but they aren't so low that you need to worry about your panties peeking out the top. Apparently, according to a Gap employee, the cut in the back is higher to prevent such travesties from happening. Can I get an amen?

Long and Lean cut: Another midrise cut that is really flattering. However, the hem is a pretty wide flare, and I can't really carry those off. This is another cut that you may need to go up a size on, for reasons that I can't figure out. I confirmed this with the Gap employee, who said that everyone is going up a size in these. So thank god it wasn't just me.

Curvy cut: This has always been my favorite Gap jeans cut, although it hasn't been around very long. I think I got my first pair two years ago. They are low rise and true to size with a boot cut. Those of us with a bit of padding on our butts will appreciate this cut. It's not made for those with no curves.

Always Skinny cut: I found these terrifying, although they didn't look that bad on. My body type just isn't made for skinny jeans, and they make me look out of balance. However, this is the first pair that I've tried on that were actually comfortable. If you're thin and tall, you will probably love these.

Sexy Boot cut: They didn't have these in my size, so I couldn't try them on. However, they look very similar to the Curvy cut. From looking at them, I think the hem might have more of a flair and the cut might be more slim, so probably more for those who don't have any extra around the butt.

Right now all the jeans are $20 off online and in stores. So if you need some new jeans and would like designer cut without the designer price, take a look and tell me what you think!


Becki said...

Thanks for the reviews :) I'll keep them in mind next time I'm looking for jeans.

August 17, 2009 at 8:51 PM

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