My Hands Always Tell Me When Fall is Coming

It never fails - as soon as the weather begins to turn, my hands and cuticles start getting extremely dry and not so pretty looking.

I only just noticed it yesterday, but the weather here has still been fairly warm and mild, and I think our first cold front just recently moved through, bringing the temps down into the 50s at night at 60s during the day.

I love it, because I get to break out my fall clothes, fall makeup, and fall shoes. But I don't love this dry hand thing. And really, it's the only part of me that really gets dry - I never experience dryness on my face or even my elbows - just my hands, and especially my cuticles.

Luckily, I was lucky enough to be given a small tube of Upper Canada Soap & Candle All About Hands Avocado Daily Moisture Lotion recently to try out. It has been sitting on my desk, just kind of hanging out, for a really long time. However, as I started to chew on a dry cuticle while typing up a post, I grabbed it, hoping that it would at least distract me, if nothing else.

I'm impressed with it, honestly. It gives good solid moisture, and the feeling lasts for quite some time. I imagine combining the Exfoliating Hand and Elbow Scrub with it would absolutely be divine. As it is, just using the lotion has banished my dry cuticles, saving them from more damage from my nasty habit of chewing on any that I can feel.

Other products in the avocado line include Daily Moisture Hand Wash, Avocado Moisture Rich Hand Mask, Restorative Hand and Nail Milk Soak, and Revitalizing Hand Butter.

It's not super easy to find, but like most things, you can always find it on


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