How To: Preserving Your Blow Out

So, you have the perfect blow out already, and you want to hang on to it for a few days. You're savvy enough to know that washing your hair every day isn't good for it, but how do you keep it looking good? I turned to the experts: other bloggers and beauty mavens on Twitter, and here are a few tips for you:

  • @HairHabitat tells me that the key to really preserving your blowout is to make sure the root gets thoroughly dry - a great blowout will last longer than a not-so-great one. Also, go easy on styling products; sometimes less is more.
  • @thevixenette points out that the hair around the hairline gets frizziest first, so make sure to pay extra attention to those pieces and flat iron/blow out as necessary. Also, to coil the hair up and pin it on the head before exercising or going to bed. Pin shorter hair up as necessary.
  • @BeautyAlchemist is lucky enough to have a mom who is brilliant at the blow out, and swears by a good hairspray like Sebastian Shaper or Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode.
  • Mme. @FournierComm says "laque, laque, laque." In other words, hair spray, hair spray, hair spray! Plus, she recommends sleeping seated in bed. This must involve a lot of pillows!
  • @CatMojo recommends dry shampoo like Ojon's formula. She tells us that if you're trying to save a penny or two, try talc powder. Just sprinkle and comb through. She likes the minty Gold Bond formula. Must try!
As for me? The very best tip I can give you is a really weird one. If you suffer from curly or frizzy hair, and the weather is warm, or there is danger of breaking a sweat, take your antiperspirant (deodorant doesn't work, obvs) and swipe it along the hairline on your neck. This keeps all that mess from getting damp from sweat, which prevents curls and frizz.


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