My New Addiction: John Frieda's Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hairspray

Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hairspray

Remember when I talked about how much I loved my Elnett? Well, I've pushed Elnett to the side for my
Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hairspray
. If you like big hair as much as I do, then you are going to want to give this a try.

First of all, it's honest-to-goodness aerosol spray, which I think is most important for a good hairspray. I grew up in the age of Aqua Net in the white and pink can, so I'm down with the aerosol spray hold.
Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hairspray
 does all that Aqua Net used to do while not being Aqua Net. You can still run your fingers through your hair, but on my hair, it holds that root lift that seems to be so elusive. I like to tease the crown of my hair, and if you don't give it a good spray, it will fall throughout the day. This hairspray does a good job of lifting at the root and holding it there without the constant touchups throughout the day.

Not everyone is going to love it, but if you have big hair that needs a lift, give it a whirl.  I'm sure you'll be impressed.


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