Product Review: H2O Plus Sea Pure Skin Care

Like many of you, I love going to the spa and getting amazing body treatments. However, the finances don't always support my little spa habit so I've had to find ways to economize and get the benefits from home treatments. One of the lines I've taken a closer look at lately is the H2O Sea Pure line.

H2O Plus Sea Pure Purifying Body Mud

I started with the H2O Plus Sea Pure Purifying Body Mud. This is a thick paste that you squeeze out and apply liberally to the skin and let dry for 10 minutes. It feels like magic - slightly tingly and not irritating at all. After allowing that to dry, stepped into the shower and used the H2O Plus Sea Pure Cleansing Body Oil to help remove it.

H2O Plus Sea Pure Cleansing Body Oil

This is an amazing cleanser that won't make your skin feel dry or dehydrated. It is based on an oil, yet still cleans well. Don't look for a lot of foam or lather here - with all natural and organic ingredients, you don't get that much, but you won't miss it, either.

Next, I exfoliated with the H2O Plus Sea Pure Reviving Body Buffer.

H2O Plus Sea Pure Reviving Body Buffer

This is a natural sea salt scrub that helps remove impurities and dead skin, leaving fresh soft skin behind. You know I'm all about a good scrub, and this is at the top of my list of best scrubs ever. I've never used a sea salt scrub that doesn't dry my skin out at all, which is nice. It makes the next step even easier.

To finish up and moisturize after the shower, I used H2O Plus Sea Pure Finishing Body Silk.

H2O Plus Sea Pure Finishing Body Silk

This is a very unique oil/lotion hybrid, and I love it. It goes on smoothly like an oil, but doesn't leave any greasy feeling behind whatsoever. It absorbs quickly into the skin and moisturizes just the right amount - not too much, not too little.

After the entire treatment, my skin felt like a million dollars. I would highly recommend this line to anyone who is interested in spa body treatments. I enjoyed the way it made my skin feel, and my green sisters will love the natural formulations.


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