My Visit to the MAC Counter Today

Resulted in purchases that I really didn't need, but I had a few holiday dollars left.

First up, the Warm and Cozy Collection. My overall impression? Not extremely exciting, but awesome for the daily basics and weekend neutrals. The Shadesticks are especially nice:

These are the three that I bought - left to right: Nurture, Warm and Cozy, and Relaxed. I skipped Cuddle because it was just too white for me to ever consider using. Nurture is as light of a color as I want to consider.

I also picked up my first Mineralize Skinfinish in By Candlelight:

It reminds me a lot of the similar Smashbox product called Candlelight that was in their holiday collection.

I also checked out the Love Lace collection. I picked up the Intricate lipstick as well as Hypnotizing shadow. I'm going to swipe a photo from KarlaSugar, because she has the best swatches EVER, and if you're not reading her blog, you are seriously missing out. I went and looked at this collection because of her photos:

I will play with these and perhaps post a picture of what I've come up with.

Stuff On Sale: After Holiday Beauty Edition

Benefit Cosmetics
NARS Cosmetics
C.O. Bigelow Chemists
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Kohls Beauty

How to Have Healthy Winter Hair

Skin isn’t the only thing that needs to be protected and cared for in the winter; your hair can be just as damaged from the extremes of weather and environment, and needs extra care too. Just like skin, hair can become more dry and brittle during the winter months, and there are steps you can take to prevent wintertime hair blues.

Limit your shampooing to just a few times a week. Ideally, you should be able to wash your hair once a week, and just condition the rest of the time. It’s an idea that is growing more popular as we learn that harsh shampoos really aren’t that great for our hair. Rather than just making our hair clean, they can strip important oils from our hair making it brittle and dull. Extra conditioner instead of shampoo helps keep those important oils where they belong and strengthen the hair. Use a dry shampoo on the days that you just can’t stand it. Try Klorane Shampoo DryTigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, or Ojon - Rub-Out Dry Cleanser.

Use a deep conditioning treatment every week. Set a day where you can apply it, and let it sit for a long time. Deep reconstructioning treatments do wonders for brittle, dry hair, restoring oils and moisture where they belong. A few to try are Pantene Relaxed and Natural Breakage Defense Mask Deep ConditioningNeutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, or my favorite, Redken Real Control Intense Renewal.

Control your environment. Wear a hat when it’s cold outside to protect hair, and when indoors, keep your house from becoming like the Sahara by using a humidifier. Dry central heating can dry out hair as well as cause annoying static electricity. Humidifiers keep the air from becoming too dry.

Limit your use of heat tools. While perfectly flat ironed hair looks fantastic, ironing it every day can cause some wear and tear on your tresses. Try to make a blowout or an ironing last a day or two at least. And be sure to use a heat protectant when you style with heat, be it a blow dryer or a flat iron.

Most importantly? Don’t go outside with wet hair when it’s cold. The water on the hair can freeze, causing quite a bit of breakage. Always put hair up under a warm hat or make sure it is thoroughly dry before braving the cold weather.

Happy Holidays!

Glamarazzi Weekly Links!

It's "Glamarazzi Weekly Roundup" time... First and foremost I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays on behalf of Keedah and myself. And I would also like to welcome our newest members Temple Of Glam and The Style Aficionado , they are a fabulous addition!! We are thrilled to have them involved and you will love their blogs! New members are always welcome, if you would like to be involved in the "Glamarazzi" get the details here.
*Diary Of A Style Addict shows us her creative DIY skills and a uber-stylish storage solution with her gorgeous Jewelry Tree .
*FerOHHHsh introduces us to fabulous in her post "Helloooo fabulous: Roksanda Ilincic Spring 2010 RTW" *Warning: This post may induce drooling*
*RetroDiva shows us sometimes you should just say "EN-OH" in World of No over at the Closet and you can also grab a Sephora sale code she thoughtfully posted!! Thanx RetroDiva!
*Temple Of Glam guides you step by step, including product list, to the Perfect Smokey Eye
*The Style Aficionado debuts Willow Smith's (daughter of Will and Jada Smith) trendy hairstyle...she is such a budding trendsetter.
*k.isforkinky has the official trailer of the SATC movie sequel...countdown to fabulous has commenced.
*Glamour Whore brings you the new Forever 21 "Twist" collection campaign starring Kendall Jenner.

Sale Alert: Sephora

Heads up! Although it's too late for holiday shopping (unless you're old school and give gifts on Three Kings Day), Sephora is having quite a little sale. Take an additional 20% off sale items with the code EXTRA at checkout.

They have a large amount of Laura Geller items, which isn't surprising since I heard they were discontinuing them. I also see a ton of Ted Gibson hair products and what looks like almost the entire line of Sephora brand products.

Not that I need them, but I'll be picking up a few things. Go shop the sale!

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