Golden Globes Looks: Tips and Tricks from Sue Devitt

Makeup artist to the stars Sue Devitt has picked her three top looks from the Golden Globes and tells us how to get these amazing looks.

Nicole Kidman paired a bold lip with intense lashlines (versus lid color). Sue says:

She appears to have used a peach cheek gel, you can tell her skin is well cared for and simply radiates moisture. A sleek, side swept chignon added to her classic, timeless look.
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Emily Blunt went with a more subdued look. Sue says:
A dusty pink blush lifted her cheekbones up to there, second only to her piercing blue eyes, smoked up with a complimentary shadow palette. Rose hued lips seal the deal and added extra polish.
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Anna Kendrick did a muted lip and bold eye combination. Sue says:
Her matte, porcelain complexion is flawless and lends a picturesque canvas to her wide, rimmed eyes and stunning smile. As a fresh, young new comer, Anna succeeds in looking like herself, only better - the ultimate sign of success in red carpet glamour.
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Jeweled Thumb said...

Eeek. Even with the smudge of bronzer on Nicole Kidman? (Look at the left chin area...)

January 22, 2010 at 8:03 PM

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