Nail Confessions and a Product Review of Talika's Nail Shaper

It's confession time, beauties. I wear acrylics on my nails.

I know, it's awful. And I should be wearing the new gel type nails, but I can't find anyone in my two-horse town that does them. Also, I keep them pretty short. Why have acrylics if you're going to have short nails? Glad you asked! I have them because my own nails are incredibly weak and thin - they peel and generally give me problems. Plus, I can't keep polish on for more than about a day before it starts to chip and peel off along with layers of my nail. So I have acrylics put on so that I can keep a manicure looking decent for well over a week, and my nails are of a uniform length, and generally look nice.

It's vanity, pure and simple, but I don't really care. A lot of people see my hands at work, and I want them to look nice.

But I really dislike having to run to the nail salon every single time I want a color change or need the length cut down, so I've started looking for ways to do just about everything else myself except the actual application of the acrylic, because I'm not talented enough for that. But one of the biggest challenges has been the shaping of my nails. Because a traditional nail file can take For. Ev. Er. when you're working with acrylics.

Talika Nail Shaper 1 ea

So I was lucky enough to get to try the Talika Nail Shaper, and it was absolutely wonderful on my acrylics. It reminds me of a portable version of the tools they use at my nail salon, and work just as well. There are three interchangeable tips so you can cut, file, and shape your nail any way you please.

This is a fantastic tool to have on hand if you are as fanatical about your manicure and nails as I am.

Talika Nail Shaper, $40 at

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