Dior's Spring Look Channels the 1920s

Are you like me and expect lots of floral pastel in your spring colors? I suppose I've just grown used to it - after the dreary gray winter, we all want some pretty in our spring colors. Dior, however, wants you to forget about that nonsense and look hot this spring.

Don't get me wrong, the pastels are still there, but they are mixed with a touch of black lace, reminding you that you can be both naughty AND nice, that there can be an edge to your floral goodness. This collection is inspired by the beauty of the 1920s, and you can see elements of it throughout.

The piece de resistance is most certainly Poudrer Dentelle, a compact with pink on pink tones that leaves a soft veil over the face.

Also included in the collection is the Five Couleurs Edition Dentelle, a lace-embossed palette of five shadows in beautiful shades of mauve:

The Creme de Rose lip balm in the collection comes infused with Damask Rose essential oil, vitamins, and shea butter to moisturize lips.

Dior's new Addict Lip Polish features a new spin-on applicator, and the formula is a new "stretch" formulation with amino acids and certain oils. The color in this collection is Petal Pink, and is gorgeous.

There is also a Diorblush Edition Dentelle in Vintage Pink with the trademark lace embossing:

Also of note are the nail polishes, Dior Vernis, which we see above on the model in Silver Pearl. It's interesting to see another gray during spring, but I like it.

See anything you have to have? Be sure to check out the entire collection at Christian Dior online.


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