Time For New Bedroom Furniture!

a new bedroom

the future bedroom for retrodiva

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I Caved

Went to the mall tonight with some girlfriends and had a great time. I totally caved on the Gap dress that I had my eye on - good thing, too, since they only have two sizes left online. I also bought these shoes to match, although they are in a medium blue patent, which doesn't seem to be available anywhere on the internet, only my local Macys. Whatever. And speaking of buying things that are not online, I picked up a super cute Juicy Couture wristlet that looks like the photo here, except in green and pink. But most importantly, I got a great tote bag from Up Against the Wall that has Jesus on one side and Mary on the other. Except it's totally cool, and says such things as "shop for Jesus," and other fun stuff. I'll have to take a closer look at it and get the brand and see if I can find a picture. I was just too entranced by it and used it for shopping thereafter to take a super close look.

Speaking of Fascination

So I feel as though I really need this dress. I'm not sure why. I don't even like polka dots, although I'm not sure you can really consider this dress a polka dot dress, can you? The things that occupy my mind. But seriously, isn't this the cutest thing you've seen from Gap in a long time? I know that Gap is currently the black sheep of the fashion sales world, what with their huge sales slump and disappointing Red collection, but kudos to whomever designed this little ditty and made me want to run to Gap right now and see if it's in my size.

Skinny ladies, you're out of luck. It's currently only in sizes 16 and 18 online.

Summer Sandal Shopping

Summer Sandals

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So I'm fascinated with both of these haircuts on the new Pantene ads. I love it. However, I'm just not sure if it's actually doable in the real world. The real world of my thick coarse hair and the constant humidity on the east coast. I may take it into my stylist and see if she can tame this mop on my head.

Okay, I'm all for fashion, luxury, and style, but as far as I can tell this LV bag doesn't really fit any of the above bills. For 45K, I'd expect a bag of exceptional beauty, form, function, style, and design. Seriously, if it's going to cost more than my car, I want it to be the kind of beautiful that makes me stop in my tracks. Instead, this is just a whole lot of expensive ugly. It's unfortunate.

Nothing Inspiring Yet

Absolutely nothing worth writing about today. Of course, it's Sunday, and I haven't had but one cup of coffee so far. But check out my Twitter widget! Fun!

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