Seems like everyone is talking about the new e.l.f. line. I suppose it's not all that new. But I was browsing around their site tonight, and it does seem like they have some fun stuff. Especially these Hypershine Mini Cell Phone Lip Gloss Charms. It's almost like a more modern Wet 'n Wild. And I'm not down on Wet 'n Wild, either - I'm currently sporting a bright fuschia nail polish that my daughter insisted on buying at the drugstore the other day.

Hey, Cool!

One of my Mother's Day picks made it over at SheFinds shopping blog!

My Scents Over at Lucky Scent

Unique Scent Gifts

My current list over at LuckyScent.com. A few I already have, a few I still want. For the ones I do have, reviews will be coming soon!

See more of my Unique Scent Gifts list at ThisNext.

My Current Obsession

Is nothing related to beauty or fashion, but is very much pop culture! I can't stop talking about this show. Seriously, it's some of the best television I have seen in a long time. I adore historical drama, and this period in history is one of my favorites. I doubt there is anything in modern times than can rival the pure deliciousness of the drama of King Henry VIII. Britney, Paris, Lindsay, and all the modern eye candy have nothing on the royalty of the Tudor dynasty, and this Showtime series brings it to life in a way that modern people can understand. Stripping away the older English dialect certainly helps, as well as showing us the more human side of these amazing people. Written by the same author as "Elizabeth" with Cate Blanchett, he brings us the Tudors in all their royal, and personal glory.
It isn't for the faint at heart, though, or for children. It was a violent time, and Henry certainly had some questionable ethics in dealing with women. The sex scenes are fantastic, and let's face it - Johnathan Rhys Meyers is just hot. Natalie Dormer, who plays Anne Boleyn brings a depth to the character that you don't normally see in film adaptations of the period.
So, if you're interested in some incredible historical drama now that Rome is off the air for the season, give The Tudors a watch. You'll be glad you did.

Kelly Clarkson

Poor Kelly Clarkson. Every time she puts on a few pounds and ventures out, everyone points their fingers and laughs. I'm not sure about the dress. Especially if I knew the press was going to be snapping photos and everyone was going to be watching, but I wouldn't dismiss it entirely. Unfortunately, when you're on the red carpet, you probably need to be Spanx'ed to the gills and wearing something that absolutely accentuates every good quality you have. But overall, I think she looks pretty good. I just waffle on the dress.

Review: Bikini Kitty Clean Up Kit

This is one of the most comprehensive shaving kits I have ever come across. Not only is it full of high quality products, it is an education in shaving sensitive areas. I have struggled with ingrown hairs and razor burn in "that" area, and this kit pretty much got rid of all of that. I credit the Magic Spray the most. This is a simple spray that you put on once daily to gently exfoliate and keep ingrown hairs at bay. That product alone was almost worth the somewhat high price of $39.99. I liked the shaving gel, but it wasn't anything special, and the razor oil was a nice olive oil, which was great, especially since I had never used razor oil before, but still nothing out of the ordinary. The spray, though, was excellent. I plan to keep buying the spray, but I probably won't replenish any of the other products in the kit. The single blade razors I can find at Rite Aid, I have plenty of olive oil (is it just me, or is olive oil being used in everything lately?), and a regular shaving cream (or BeneFits Bathina if I'm feeling especially frisky) works great for me. Overall, I feel like I paid for education, which is just fine with me - I no longer have a scary bikini area!

Rimmel Underground Eyeful Eye Glistener

To make up for my lack of posting yesterday, I'm giving you one of my reviews that I've posted over on Chick Advisor.

Rimmel is trying to tell me that this is an eye shadow, but I know better. What it works great for is a thick, dramatic liner. I'm sure it's perfectly acceptable as a complete shadow, if you wanted to take the time to fill in your entire lid. But since the pigment is pretty deep, I opted to keep it a little lower key, and I really loved the results. It does have an almost-shiny look to it, very metallic, very opalescent. Lasted all day, and didn't smear around my eye at all - although I could attribute that to my amazing primer, but that's another review. Overall, it's a great pencil to have on hand, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it in other colors. This is a limited edition Underground product, so I don't know how long it will be around.

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