So Excited!

I actually won something! Today in my mailbox was a large box from Benefit. Now, I'm always getting something from Benefit, but I know I hadn't ordered anything, because I was just at Sephora and bought the 10 (which I will review shortly). Anyway, inside was this great book and a note saying congrats! So, share in my good fortune - Benefit gave me a coupon code, and if you use it you can get free shipping on any order of $65. It's FRESHP65. Enjoy! And I will have a review of the book just as soon as I can!

I Heart These Jeans - And On Sale, Too!

I seriously love these jeans! How comfortable do they look? And the best part? They are on sale at Smart Bargains for $60. Looks like they have plenty of sizes, too.

My Sephora Haul

Dear blog, I haven't neglected you. I have been out of town doing much work stuff in places with no internet connection! I did, however, manage to get myself to Tyson's Corner Galleria and do some serious Sephora shoping. Here are a few things I managed to pick up:
I really adore their makeup primer. I considered briefly getting the tinted version, but ultimately decided against it. I always thought primer was just a gimmick, but it really does help with lines and pores.
This is just cuticle oil, but oh so important. I have a tendency to bite at my cuticles, so I was told to be religious about using a cuticle oil. I figure this pen is perfect to put in my makeup bag in my purse to have on hand.
I ended up choosing the Sephora brand over the Nars brand for a bronzing oil. I liked the Nars, but I couldn't see paying $60 for it. I really like this spray oil for when you're going out and need that little extra shimmer. It smells like monoi oil too, although I don't know if it really has monoi in it.
Eye makeup remover. I keep searching and I keep looking....oh, wait. That is a song, isn't it? Anyway, I'm always looking out for a good eye makeup remover. That Diorshow can be hard to get off, especially combined with a liquid liner. So I thought I'd give Sephora's FACE line a try.
The Sephora brand nail polish. A steal at $4. I love this color, too. It's a deep rose with a gold shimmer. Goes well with the body glow oil above.
Next comes my new eye makeup from Urban Decay. This one is apparently one of their popular shades and is called Midnight Cowboy, so I thought I'd give it a try. Be warned: it has a LOT of glitter. Big glitter! But the color is just about perfect.
This is Urban Decay's Green Goddess. Love it. Very shimmery, not so much glittery.
And finally my Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Shocking. I think. I can't remember. But I adore it. I'm all about blue eyeliner this summer, I think. Especially with coppery lids.
And that is it! I'll have more indepth reviews of these items soon

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