Old Navy is All New?

I've heard around the internets that Old Navy did a big overhaul and was all about some new design and great pieces. So I figured that I'd surf on over there before actually going to the mall to check it out, and all I can say is that I hope these things look better in person than they do online.

To be fair, maybe I'm just tired of the whole "safari explorer" thing - it's been done over and over again, and while I think it has it's place, who wants to have that much safari wear? It's just not practical.

And rompers? Really? Do adults still wear those? Perhaps I'm getting old, and it's quite possible I am, but one piece outfits on anyone over 23? Seriously? I have no words.
So, you have your safari shirt dresses, an ethnic printed tank, safari romper (!!), and some ugly shoes. It's too bad really, because I have found some good pieces at Old Navy. I wish they would go back to their graphic prints - they had something going with that. I guess for my cheap clothes fix, I'll have to stick to H&M.


Delphine said...

hi M!

thanks for blogrolling me, I'll do the same (if I haven't already).

The mind - a terrible thing to lose...


February 7, 2008 at 7:52 PM

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