Product Review: LORAC aquaPRIME Oil Free Makeup Primer

I'm all about primer. Like a lot of people, when it first became popular, I thought it was just kind of gimmicky - yet ANOTHER step, another product, another thing to make me late in the morning. But as I used it (because I'm all about new product, even if it does make me late), I realized how great it really was. It helped my makeup stay on longer, gave my liquid foundation a smoother finish, and even helped keep my very oily skin somewhat matte. So it became a staple in my routine, and now I use it every morning. I haven't found one that I am in absolute love with yet, although I have a couple of favorites, so I'm still trying a bunch of them out. This was a sample I got from one of my many Sephora visits.
I was interested in this one because it claimed to be oil free. I always keep an eye out for oil free products, due to my oily skin - I don't want to add to the problem, as it were. But I also noticed that it was silicone free, which was interesting, as I thought silicone was the basis of all primers. So I totally had to try it out.
I've been using it now for five days, and I think this would be a great primer for someone who doesn't need a lot of coverage and is looking to just help boost the staying power of their foundation. I found the consistency quite odd. It's actually a liquid (hence the name, I suppose!) versus more of a thicker gel type that I'm used to. I don't know if the omission of silicone prevents it from being more of a coverage booster, or if I'm just imagining that it doesn't work well due to my dislike of the consistency. Either way, I personally wouldn't spend my money on it, although I would recommend it to my friends who have the great skin and don't wear a lot of foundation.


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