Summer Loves: Soap and Glory Flake Away Spa Body Polish

We all know I am obsessed with exfoliation, specifically body scrubs. There are so many reasons for a good scrub, especially if you use self-tanners on any sort of regular basis. It also keeps your skin super soft, and keeps that ashy look away. But it can be hard finding a good scrub that isn't too rough on skin or that actually exfoliates anything at all - I'm always searching for that middle ground.

I picked up Soap and Glory's Flake Away Spa Body Polish at Target a while back, remembering some of the excellent reviews that I have seen on this company's product line. The founder of Soap and Glory is Marcia Kilgore, who also founded Bliss, a beauty line that I bet you might have heard about. Originally, Soap and Glory was to be a mass market line in the UK, but has found it's way to our shoes, fortunately for us.

This scrub is nice and thick, with salt as the underlying exfoliant. Unlike other scrubs I have used before, the salt isn't overly large or coarse, making it easy to apply and rub in. It has a base of excellent oils, which linger long after you have toweled off without being overly greasy. I think the scent will be the main point of contention for many, as it's the type of scent that you will either love or hate, with not much of a middle ground. According to (which is the only place online I was able to find Flake Away), the listed notes are leafy greens, bergamot and mandarin, with floral and fruity middle notes, and a soft, sexy, musk, oakmoss, amber and woody drydown. Regardless if this is up your alley or not, you might be relieved to know that the scent doesn't linger overlong after the shower. And if you follow the advice on the back of the jar that encourages you to apply another layer of body oil after your shower, you may not notice it at all. (I used Bobbi Brown's Beach body oil, and found that the two scents complimented each other perfectly.)

Overall, I found this scrub to be excellent, especially given it's price point, which was less than $12. I have rarely found a drugstore type scrub that works this well for this kind of price. I will certainly be interested in trying out more of this brand after having such a good experience with Flake Away.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I was unable to find Flake Away online anywhere, with the exception of Boots online. Because the dollar is so weak, you may find that paying 6 pounds for this item not to your liking. Try popping over to your local Target and seeing if they have it in the cosmetics section. While it wasn't at Target online, there were quite a few in stock at my Target. Good luck! It's worth it!


ALI RAE said...

I love that line! I have yet to try the scrub, but they have great lip gloss.

May 11, 2008 at 11:13 PM

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