Donna Karan and Bergdorf Goodman Team Up

It's been an interesting past few days, and I'm only just now sitting down and catching up on email. I love reader mail - you guys are so great to write me and let me know how things worked for you, and other various things. Keep it coming! I swear, I really do read and respond to every single one, it just takes me a bit of time when things get crazy.

Enough about me. Here is the news du jour: Bergdorf Goodman and Donna Karan, two amazing brands in their own respective rights have teamed up to unveil an exclusive collection of past and present fragrances. I know there are some die-hard Donna Karan Cashmere Mist fans out there, and this sounds like it might be right up your alley. If you are lucky enough to live in New York City (I'm not so fortunate, but I try not to be overly bitter about it), you can head down to Bergdorfs at 754 Fifth Avenue (58th is the cross street) and get a personalized scent reading. I'm not sure exactly what that entails, but it certainly sounds interesting. Someone please go and tell me all about it. Be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment at (212) 872.2851. Appointments are available between 2 and 5 PM through the 16th of this month.

A few of the fragrances that have been brought back include the original Donna Karan scent, Chaos, Black Cashmere, the Donna Karan Essence Collection and Fuel for Men.

And while you're there, will you go up to the Shoe Salon and take a look at these for me and tell me if I need them as badly as I think I do? Thanks.


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