It's Quite Possible That I Love Everything in Urban Decay's Line

My recent trip to Sephora was obviously all about new lip products for the fall. Of course, Sephora had just sent out their new magazine, and I was just all about the dark lip look that was all over it.

Now, we really do have a nice Sephora store here at Lynnhaven Mall in beautiful Virginia Beach, but it doesn't exactly have the newest of everything. So I didn't go in expecting to see most of what was in the catalog actually in the store, but I had a few pleasant surprises.

The best find of all was new line of lipsticks from Urban Decay. Oh, wow. It was so hard to just choose one.

The packaging is extremely cute, and exactly what you'd expect out of Urban Decay. You actually pull the tube of lipstick out by using the dagger handle located on the bottom. The tube itself is a metallic purple, and is slightly larger than your typical lipstick tube. It goes on almost effortlessly, and is heavily pigmented, even for a shade that they described as a sheer, which I love. On my hand above is Gash, a cream red sheer, which is obviously the color I ended up taking home. It's deep and rich without being overmuch.

The surprise? It smells vaguely of caramel. And normally you know I can't stand smelling like candy. Tropical florals, yes. Tom Ford's Black Orchid, absolutely. But no food. However, this wasn't over the top and it didn't bother me at all. In fact, the moment after it registered, it was gone. Very intriguing.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with this lipstick. It's very luxe and has excellent lasting power. I ran around my house with it on all night - I easily got six hours of good solid wear out of one application. I'm sure the guy checking me out at 7-11 last night must have thought I was crazy: my NY heart ME pink t-shirt, floral pajama pants, hair in a ratty bun, and Urban Decay's Gash lipstick on. Hey, it's hard work being glamorous all the time.


Lydia said...

Gash is my favorite color of all time!

August 15, 2008 at 8:40 PM

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