Need a Light, Blendable Blush That Doesn't Overwhelm Your Wallet? Max Factor Colorgenius Blush

I'll admit it: I'm not much of a blush person. Oh, I use it every day, and I seem to have a few of them (although they don't come close to the number of eye shadows I have). But I don't know much about contouring, or how to properly apply it so that my cheeks suddenly become my best feature. I tend to stick with simple things, like one color blushes. However, I stepped out of my comfort zone with Max Factor's Colorgenius Blush, and I'm glad I did.

This is a tri-colored blush made out of mineral ingredients and ultra-fine pigments. Each color in the compact can be worn on it's own, or used together for a more dramatic look. I have used it a couple of different ways: I swished my brush all over all the colors and applied it that way, and I've also used each color seperately as a blush, contour, and highlighter. The colors worked well together, but that's just more effort than I usually want to put into my cheeks on a daily basis. Using all the colors together worked just as well.

Those of us with sensitive skin or even problematic skin will love this blush for it's oil-free minerals and emollients for soft application. There are three color combinations, Roses, Peaches, and Spices, so girls of every color will find something that works for them.

Max Factor Colorgenius Blush can be found at most mass retailers at a price of about $8.50.


Emilita said...

I really like the design of the compact - the best of both worlds since you can take the colors individually or sweep them together. I have some CG three shade blush that I love but it's broken into three separate squares, so using them together is impractical. But another powder I have has the opposite problem - it's a beautiful mosaic but each color is too small to pick up and use by itself. So thanks for the review...I think I'm going to look for this blush!

August 9, 2008 at 2:03 PM

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