Sheer and Vivid at the Same Time, It Really Is Possible: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers

It seems like eyeshadows have fallen into a rut in the beauty world. You know what I mean - pick up any popular eye shadow at the moment and it will be shimmery, pigmented, bold, and rather thick. That's okay, I'm a huge fan of the whole shimmering, sultry look. But sometimes I want something new, and that's where CoverGirl Eye Enhancers have come in lately. 

I've tried both the Blazing Blues and the Firecracker three-kit shades, and with both of them I noticed that they are matte, which I really like, and that they are more sheer than many of the brands that are out there these days. Not to say that the colors aren't completely vivid, they absolutely are. But they go on and stay on quite sheer. Those who are used to or want a lot of color will have to build these up layer by layer. I found, however, that I loved the look of sheer and vivid - it's unique to what is going on in the beauty world right now. 

A few other tips: be sure to use an eyeshadow brush versus the included applicator, which isn't even worth including. If you find that the colors don't stay, try an eyeshadow primer, or even a skin primer on your lids and see if that doesn't help. Paired with jet black eyeliner and a thickening mascara, these shadows are well worth the $4 you'll pay for them.

You will find CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in single shades, a 3-kit, and a 4-kit. They are available at almost all mass retailers for $3 for the single shade, $4 for the 3-kit, and $5 for the quad. A definite beauty bargain for my recessionistas.  You can also grab them at Amazon


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