Loose Pigmented Eyeshadow Goes Mainstream

Loose pigment eyeshadow has long been a staple of makeup addicts everywhere. MAC is probably best known for their amazing pigments, although many people claim that working with them can be daunting.

Enter in Max Factor and their new line Vivid Impact Eye Shadow. This is a double ended loose powder eye shadow that delivers bold color with an easy application. The flexible applicator is key to the entire experience: it can be used to apply the loose powder all over the entire lid or you can use it to line the eyes and create a dramatic look that draws attention to the eyes. It is even easy to use under the eyes - the applicator is pointed as well as soft, so using it is a breeze.

What I liked best about this formula, aside from the applicator, was the pigment. It is rare for me to find a drugstore brand that actually has the level of pigment that I'm used to working with, and Max Factor Vivid Impact Eye Shadow certainly fits the bill. I have Emerald Coast and Two Cents, and all four colors are bright and vivid. They are also extremely easy to blend (which is why so many love loose pigmented shadow versus compressed shadows) using either the applicator or my standard eyeshadow brushes.

Max Factor Vivid Impact Eye Shadow comes in ten amazing combinations and can be found at most mass retailers for about $5.49. I think this would be a great introduction to working with loose pigment shadows without spending a fortune.


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