Souvenir from Colorado: Melt Skincare Products

When I was in Denver for my sister-in-law's wedding, I happened across a Melt store at the mall. I was pretty excited because it reminded me a bit of Lush. I'm a huge fan of bath products, scrubs especially, and if they have amazing scents then I'm a loyal customer for life.

I enjoyed walking around the store, and the customer service was impeccable. I only found two scents that I really connected with, and one of them has since been discontinued, so I won't even bother talking about that one. The other one, Maharani Mist is a gardenia and tuberose combination, always a classic. I bought the bath salts, body scrub, and soap.

Overall, the products are okay. Nothing about them really stands out, although I do really like the Maharani Mist scent. I think they are ever-so-slightly overpriced, even if they are handmade. The quality is fine, just not over the top fantastic, like I associate with Lush. I think if you find a scent that you really connect with, then you'll probably love the line. Otherwise, you would probably be better of skipping it.

One word about their Glamazon line: just don't. It's considered a "face shine" in both a bronze tint and a luminizer. While it does give you a glow, it also balls up right on your skin. Not good.


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