Brings New York Fashion Week to Your iPhone

I love my iPhone with a passion that might very well be close to obsession. I sleep with it right next to my head, I always have it with me, and I tend to text far more than I actually talk.

So it brought me such happiness to find out that I can almost be at New York Fashion Week with's new iPhone app! Since I am not actually going to be joining in the fun, you can bet I'll be watching all the shows via my iPhone.

According to the description, you will be able to select the designer, and then flip through photos of the runway show. Or you can just push play for an easy slideshow. You can also select videos from the front page and choose from season and/or designer. The fall runway shows will be instantly delivered to your device. The app includes coutoure shows, the Style File blog, and runway videos.

Head on over to iTunes and download your copy - did I mention it was free? Now go!

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Unknown said...

Hey I ran across your blog today when I was looking around for more info on all the designers that will be at New York Fashion Week - love it! I won't be able to be in NY next week either, but this ap sounds amazing! I guess I need to get an iPhone first though...haha. Anyways I'm working on getting the word out about the OC Style Week happening the same week in OC, California and I thought you might be interested in it. There's more info at and you can follow me on Twitter for updates at

September 2, 2008 at 6:59 PM

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