My New Hair Treatment Holy Grail: Moroccan Oil Masque

Oh my. I don't know that there are enough words to describe how I feel about my MoroccanOil Masque.

Let me start by saying that I am a big believer in hair treatments. When you have curly, coarse, ridiculous hair like mine, it takes all kinds of things to make it behave and be straight. And even when I style it curly, I like to have just a bit of touchability to it.

Well, touchability is the key word when talking about the Masque. Just one treatment left on for about 10 minutes almost completely changed my hair. It was so soft, so touchable that I was taken aback. I have not had such results from a hair treatment in a long time. Truly, it was amazing, and I don't say such things lightly.

With continued treatment, I found that the results continued to last even on days when I wasn't using it. And you don't really need to use it that often. I'm a once a week kind of girl when it comes to hair treatments, because I don't always have the time to hang out in the shower all day and let them work.

And did I mention the good work it did with my frizz? I am the queen of frizz. After using this the first time, I allowed my hair to air dry (the true test of whether or not something actually helps frizziness, in my opinion), and I'd say that my frizz was reduced by about half. That's pretty stunning for me, given very little actually works to reduce my crazy frizz.

I was personally introduced to the MoroccanOil line by my stylist, but there are so many great places to purchase this. My personal favorite is, and right now they are having a special: SAVE $5 on orders $25 or more. Coupon Code: SPC99056. Expires 11/20/08. Click through and see if you don't absolutely love this line as much as I do.

MoroccanOil Hair Masque retails for about $37.95, and is worth every single penny.


Anonymous said...

If you loved this so much, you should really try pure, organic argan oil then! It's the main ingredient in the MoroccanOil Masque. Your readers can take 15% off: coupon "argan15" their first purchase. Thanks so much!!

October 19, 2008 at 5:41 PM

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