Addicted to Accessories: Putting it All Together

I will admit it: I'm an accessories junkie. Typically, my clothes are pretty basic: in the fall and winter I wear a lot of black and gray dresses, especially sweater or knit dresses and black pants. I'll occasionally throw on a bright shirt to offset the black I have going on below, but not always. Black is just my standard uniform for the colder months. But what I love to do is make the look stand out by using fun accessories. Big, layered, chunky necklaces can really make a boring sweater dress and leggings look fun. I'm addicted to purses and shoes, so grabbing a matching scarf or headband to add to the accessories fun is not that hard. Since I can't afford to buy a new fall/winter wardrobe every year (and really, who can? Aren't we in a recession?) I can usually afford to replace my accessories every season, or at least add to it.

While I love top of the line accessories like anyone else does (and I'll admit to never skimping on handbags and shoes), you can find me in many accessories stores that carry low-priced jewelry. Usually those places have tons to choose from and it is so fun to mix and match it all up and walk out of there with tons of stuff for about $50. Due to my line of work and the fact that I have kids, it's not uncommon for my jewelry to break, so I tend to save the top of the line stuff for special occasions.

I have run across an online accessory store that totally understands my accessories philosophy. Not only can you shop for each piece individually, but they sell "looks" which are a few pieces already paired together to get you started. While I'll swap out all kinds of things when it comes to jewelry, I know many people like to keep it coordinated, and Levita's "Look" Jewelry can help you do that. carries a really cute selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. They also have sets, if that's your thing, and handbag charms if you like those. But to really bring out your inner stylist, go over there and put together your own sets - it's really quite addicting once you get going! Have fun!

Photo by Levita: Fashionably and Lovely Look


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