Product Review: Patricia Wexler MMPi.20 Skin Regenerating Serum

I picked up a sample of MMPi.20 Skin Regenerating Serum the last time I was in Bath and Body Works. I tucked it away and didn't give it a whole lot of thought until I realized that I had run out of the eye cream that I was previously testing. And I am glad I did. This is one amazing skin cream. Here is what the website has to say:

  • MMPi.20™ anti-aging technology blocks the damaging effect of all 20 known MMPs (skin destroying enzymes that break down production of collagen and cause skin to sink, sag, and wrinkle) and prevents the production of new MMPs, correcting the signs of aging you see today and preventing future damage
  • Boosts skin's own regenerative powers to diminish the visible signs of aging
  • Visibly reverses the lines, sink and sag
  • To use: After cleansing, gently massage serum evenly over face, neck, and decollete 2 times daily
I just used it on my eye area, as I'm always weary of putting anything new on my breakout-prone face. But even there I was impressed with the serum. It had a definite mattifying effect, which is always a bonus for me. Plus, it make my skin feel super soft. I even had other people touch it after applying it just to make sure I wasn't dreaming the whole thing. And it caused absolutely no problems for my skin at all - in fact, I do believe it did a great job kind of plumping up the few smile lines I have around my eyes.

Just FYI, the website says that a jar of this good stuff goes for $150. That wasn't the case at my local Bath and Body Works. The jar available for sale there was $55.


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