Everyone's Favorite Paul Mitchell Releases Two New Styling Products

I am all about the hair lately, am I not? I can't help it - when I get bored with mine, I just want to explore everything out there and get something new.

Paul Mitchell has developed two new heat products: Express Ion Dry v 2, a high-speed, lightweight styling tool that minimizes drying time, which is always a good thing. Paired with their Super Skinny line, your hair will dry faster than anything. Infrared heat protects from damage while super-charged negative ions break up water molecules and infuse them into the hair, restoring moisture and sealing the cuticle for shiny, static-free results.

The Express Ion Curl 1.0 is a one inch aluminum curling iron that creates ringlets and waves. The Express Ion Complex heats hair gently and quickly from the inside out for smooth and hydrated curls.

Paul Mitchell's Artistic Director Stephanie Kocielski has three different styles that can be created with the tools:

Short and Sweet: For a polished, sleek look, apply a straightening serum to damp hair. Lift hair ata the root and blast with heat from Express Ion Dry v. 2. Use a large round brush to blow-dry hair under and eliminate unwanted waves.

Curly Cues: Apply a quick-drying styling cream to wet hair and comb through. Attach a diffuser onto Express Ion Dry v. 2 and blow-dry hair to enhance your natural texture and add volume.

Beachy Waves: Spray a firm-hold hairspray all over dry hair. Twist small sections around Express Ion Curl. After each section is curled, loopand twist the hair around fingers for a tousled look.

The Express Ion Dry v. 2 (retails at $220) and the Express Ion Curl (retails at $100) are only available at professional salons. Visit PaulMitchell.com to find out where you can find a salon to purchase them near you.


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