Recession Beauty: Hair Glossing At Home

Since I'm just lounging around in my pajamas today, I figured it would be a great time to do one of those things that I've been meaning to get to for awhile. You know what I mean - you pick something up as a project thinking, "Oh, I'll be able to do that really soon!" and then forget about it because you just get busy/lazy/whatever. That's what happened when I picked up Clairol Professional Radiance Clear Gloss at Sally Beauty recently.

I can't resist Sally's when they are having a sale. And they are always having a sale. Plus, throw your discount card on there (you absolutely need one - it's $5 and they give you a $5 coupon to offset the cost) and you've got yourself quite a deal.

At any rate, even if you don't like coloring your own hair, this is for you. If you purchase the clear gloss, you don't have to worry about color at all. It's just clear shine and glossiness for your hair. Apply it with a color bottle or brush if you have one (and really, the bottle costs about $1 at Sallys - use your discount card!), and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. After that you'll have shiny glossy hair with very little effort. It also helps condition and smooth hair as well.

I applied heat when I did my treatment, and I don't know if it made a difference or not. I have a bonnet hair dryer, so slapping a plastic cap on my wet hair and putting the dryer on isn't any big deal, but I've heard of people using hot towels or even sitting in the sun with excellent results. In my experience, color and treatments seem to do better when they are hit with a bit of heat.

The large bottle runs $14.29, and will give you four treatments. You will also need the developer in the same line which is always found right next to the various color selections.

Quite a bargain versus going to your salon for a glossing treatment!


Kate said...

I've always loved this stuff!! Glad to see it's getting some time in the spotlight. It really leaves your hair glossy and moisturized. Well worth the minimal effort!

May 16, 2009 at 4:39 PM

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