You Can Wear the Maxi Dress Trend

Summer Maxi Look

I know that everyone is a bit hesitant about the maxi dress trend. If you're of a certain age (cough over thirty five cough) it can be hard to sport something that the 18 year olds are wearing.

I think the key here is restraint. Avoid anything that is too much. Too much print, too much makeup, too much heel, too much jewelry. Keep it simple and use restraint, and you'll carry it off just fine. One thing I noticed when browsing the maxi selections this season is the use of big, obnoxious prints. Anything from flowers to butterflies that are over a square foot on the fabric are going to add those square feet to your behind. Don't do it, no matter how cute you think it is. Leave that for the size 2 girls. If you are a size 2 girl, then go for it, but don't say I didn't warn you.

When I think of the maxi, I truly think carefree, southern California, beaches, barefoot, light winds, maybe some palm trees. I think wearing a heel with a maxi is sending a mixed message, if you will, and looks silly. Unless it's a dressy fabric such as silk, and you're at an evening function, I'd avoid this look. I adore the longer necklaces with the dresses - it really pulls it all together. An armful of bracelets would really work with this too.

Keep the makeup simple, don't forget the bronzer, and head on down Carefree Highway.


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