Bond No 9 Brings Me More Andy Warhol

Every Andy Warhol fragrance by Bond No. 9 has just resonated with me. I was blown away by Silver Factory, and I own both Union Square and Lexington Avenue. In fact, Lexington Avenue is second only to my beloved Black Orchid as my go-to winter fragrance. And the bottles are works of art in and of themselves.

This time, we're discussing Warhol's fascination with the rich, especially concerning the connection between art and money. The dollar symbol on the bottle was Warhol's own creation, and the fragrance name, Success Is a Job In New York was his first paid commission by a magazine of the same name.

Success IS a job in New York, I think.

At any rate, this is another genderless scent, like Silver Factory. The top notes are coriander, cardamom, mandarin and bergamot. Middle notes include jasmine, tuberose, rose, plum and pimento. Base notes are vanilla, amber and patchouli.

Intriguing, no? Bond No 9's scents just keep getting better and better. You'll find this one at Saks, Bond boutiques in New York City, and online at for $220 for 100 mL or $145 for 50 mL.


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