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Smoky Eye Kit

I was browsing around today thinking about how I was doing quite a bit of traveling lately, and avoiding checking bags. I think it's pretty absurd to check a bag every time I get on an airplane, so I've gotten into the habit of rolling and folding everything down into the smallest possible square that I can, and only taking exactly what I need to get through a trip. Ordinarily, I'd just throw everything and the kitchen sink in there, thinking that it's always best to have too much.

At any rate, I'm wandering through and I came across this great little kit. Now, I love me some palettes. They are so easy to travel with, and if I can find one with just about everything in it, I'm thrilled. But eye palettes are especially valuable because I don't have to pack all my eyeshadow singles. But the best part about the Smoky Eye Kit by Too Faced are the three instruction cards they throw in there.

There are three looks: Day Smoke, Fashion Smoke, and Classic Smoke. The day smoke shades are primarily neutral. I've swatched them for you:

There really are three shades there, it's just that one almost exactly matches my skin tone. Nifty!

Fashion smoke isn't breaking any new ground, but it combines blue, green, and taupe. Might want to follow instructions carefully here if you don't want to look like someone punched you in the eye:

Again, nothing shocking, but really quite pretty.

Finally, classic smoke is your gray and black colors.

There are two shades of black here - one is more matte, one has shimmer.

The benefit to this kit is ease of travel. I'm thinking of taking mine with me to NYFW and calling it good in terms of eye makeup. I'd pretty much have everything I need. Except my mascara. The other benefit is the instruction cards. They aren't incredibly detailed, but they give you a direction in which to go. Plus pictures, which is handy.

Grab yours at Ulta for $34.00.


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