Book Review Tuesdays: The One Hundred by Nina Garcia

Book Review Tuesdays is going to be a permanent fixture here at Daily Dose of Coffee. There are so many fabulous books on style and beauty out there, that there is plenty to choose from. Since I make a point of buying far too many books, why not share them with you? So you'll get the good, the bad, and the ugly every Tuesday. And don't forget, I'm giving away five copies of Carmindy's book, Positively Beautiful. You have until 10/18 to enter.

I picked up The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own because I'm a huge Nina fan. She dissects everything so well on Project Runway, and you can tell by the way she carries herself that she knows style when she sees it. Plus, I'm on a quest to clean out my closet of "fast fashion" and really focus on the important basics that will last much longer than a season or two. While I want to follow some trends, what I really need are the stylish basics that I can build on for years. Nina does an excellent job giving you the breakdown on what will last and last. There aren't any trends here, just solid basics that would work in anyone's wardrobe.

She has certainly taught me a few tricks. While I never thought I'd own anything remotely like a "driving shoe," her sound advice has led me to purchase my first pair of Tod's shoes. Heaven! Why did I not have these before? And they are truly classic - I will have them forever.

All the basics are here, from jeans to trenchcoats, aviator glasses to statement necklaces. While she always seems to focus on high end items, there are a few instances where she directs you to more economical choices such as H&M and Gap. I totally agree with her that most fashion jewelry doesn't need to be real, although if you can afford it, more power to you! But the beauty of accessories is that they don't always have to be top of the line.

You will probably learn a bit too. Why is Missoni so popular? Why is a Hermes scarf so expensive? How did the famous Pucci print become so popular? Nina addresses all of these without being laborous about it. Quick, to the point, and easy to understand is the name of the game here. At first I thought it wasn't going to be all that informative, but by the time I put it down, I realized I had a lot more information than I had before I picked it up, and I was entertained at the same time.

Overall, an excellent book to read if you are interested in personal style versus fashion. The two can be so very different sometimes!


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