Product Review: Johnson's Softoil Massaging Moisturizer Melt Away Stress

This little gem was gifted to me recently, and I have been so busy using it, I haven't had time to write about it! Actually, it has gotten to be so much a part of my routine that it just slips my mind when I sit down to write my reviews.

Softoil Massaging Moisturizer, Melt Away Stress isn't your typical baby oil moisturizer, even if it is made by Johnson and Johnson. It feels far lighter on the skin, and that could be due to the glycerin as it's base instead of the traditional mineral oil.

I like to use it directly after the shower but before drying off. The scent is noticeable, but not cloying. Johnsons calls it "Aromasoothe," and it is nice. I'm sure there is a touch of lavender in it, and perhaps chamomile. I can't really figure out any of the other notes, though. It doesn't interfere with my daily fragrances.

It keeps the flaky skin at bay, and it feels wonderful directly after shaving. I've also used it after a homemade salt scrub and it was just the perfect level of moisturizing - not too heavy, but enough to keep my skin soft and supple.

I have not, however, used it as a massage oil, although I'm sure it would work just great in that capacity. I'm not fortunate enough to have anyone oil me up and rub my shoulders. I need to work on that: I'm opening up the position of personal masseuse. Not much in the way of benefits or pay, other than my satisfaction. I doubt I'll have many takers for that one, but I'll put the word out.


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