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Whether it’s a wireless device, or an app that does it all, we’re always on the search for the latest and greatest. Beauty companies, of course, are no different; they’re constantly researching and uncovering new ingredients, technologies, and innovations that keep our beauty routine on the cutting edge. It’s safe to say that in the not-so-far future we’ll be seeing refrigerated vanities, robot hair washing machines and smarter ingredients that work with your specific DNA, says Jeanine Recckio, beauty futurologist and trendcaster for Mirror, Mirror Inc. Curious about what will be happening next year and beyond? Here’s a sneak peek of top trends in the making:

Hot Ingredients: Keep an eye on growth factors, such as TGF beta, TNS and PSP. These super-peptides are gaining more momentum, because they stimulate cells to produce collagen. “I believe they are only going to get better than what we’re seeing right now, once we learn more information about the types that are good for skin,” says Dr. Leslie Baumann, director of Cosmetic Medicine and Research Institute at University of Miami. Another one to watch: Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that’s up to 1000 times more potent than Vitamin E. It’s found in algae, has similar benefits to a retinoid, and in one study, decreased hyperpigmentation by more than 40%.

Feed Your Face: More beneficial food ingredients, like probotics found in supplements and yogurt, will make their way into skin creams and serums, says Mintel, a leading market research company . Probiotics--the “good” bacteria that stunt the growth of “bad” bacteria –have been touted for improving digestion and boosting immunity. Now it’s possible that when applied topically, the bacteria can help skin too. Look for these microbes in skincare to prevent breakouts, infections and conditions like eczema. And a few beauty companies are testing probiotics for anti-aging benefits, such as improving skin tone, firmness and collagen production. The science is new, and dermatologists believe more research is needed to make the link between probiotics and youthful skin, but you may see more “bacteria” ingredient anti-aging creams as early as next year.

Look for the Light: The do-it-yourself trend is still holding strong, especially as the economy forces women to look for ways to include spa-only treatments in their beauty routine, minus the hefty cost. Following on the success of handheld LED devices that zap pimples or remove unwanted hair, beauty companies are exploring similar light and heat technology for aging skin. The devices claim to improve skin tone or firm up wrinkles by stimulating collagen, much like the lasers or LED lights you’d find in a dermatologist’s office. While some have already been spotted on store shelves, there are even more in development, says Baumann. “The jury is still out on how well they work, but it looks promising,” she adds.

Wear It Well: Once only popular in Europe, caffeine-infused shapers and pantyhose are gaining steam in the US. Right now, “cosmetic clothing” is limited mostly to undergarments that target cellulite, but new technology in France is bottling the concept. The lotions can be applied to any article of clothing, and aren’t restricted to cellulite toning. Here’s how it works: Add one of the three lotions that each have a different benefit (moisturizing, toning cellulite or refreshing tired legs) into a load of wash. During the wash cycle, the fabric becomes coated with microcapsules that are wrapped in silicone. Once you put on the clothes, the silicone breaks down (from the friction created by the fabric touching your skin); the capsules open up and spread onto your skin, which absorbs them like any topical cream or lotion. The lotions are only available in Europe now, but keep an eye out for them to reach US shores in the near future.

Still Spending: Good news in a weak economy-beauty products continue to be a must-have, according to Mintel. In turn, “cosmetic companies are quickly responding to the needs of the recessionista,” states Taya Tomasello, senior analyst for Mintel Beauty Innovation. “Effective and affordable multi-use products and products offering convenience allow women to continue using their favorite brands, but at a reduced cost.” Companies are zeroing in on makeup and skincare with multiple benefits and performances. What you can expect: Anti-aging ingredients, like peptides and rare antioxidants, will be in everything from blush to shadows. Already debuted in the past few months, are peptide-infused undereye concealers, anti-aging shadows that minimize lines and mascaras that help lashes grow thicker and longer. More multi-use makeup will reach store shelves and beauty counters this fall and next year.

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