Best Lotions for Dry Winter Skin

It's that time of year again when my skin starts to dry out and look fugly and I have to take some special care in keeping it looking good. I get annoyed at itchy dry skin, and I've tried a lot of different lotions to find the best ones for keeping all the winter dry skin annoyances at bay.

Kiehl's Body Care - Creme De Corps Body Moisturizer 250ml/8.4oz

I picked this one up when I was at an annual meeting in Salt Lake City and the dry desert air was killing me. One application of this product, and my skin felt even better than it did before I got there. A week later, I had decided that I couldn't live without this lotion in my life forever. It still sits proudly on my vanity and I use it constantly.

Olay Quench Therapy Body Lotion, #84968089 - 11.8 Oz

This is a silky smooth lotion that with continued use does an excellent job at keeping rough, dry, and itchy skin away. I've been using this one for the past three weeks, and I'm highly impressed at the job it's doing. Also, try smoothing this one on your feet and sleeping with cotton socks on for the softest feet you can imagine.

Curel Moisture Lotion Ultra Healing Intensive, for Extra Dry Skin 13 fl oz (384 ml)

I never had the chance to try Curel until I was given a sample by the company's PR rep, and I love it. This is a thick, super-moisturizing lotion that specializes in dry skin. Apply right after a shower when you are still damp, and it helps lock in moisture and prevent the itch that dehydrated skin can give you.


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