My Favorite Gap Dress

Regardless of my obsession over the blue and white Gap dress earlier this season, it is this dress that has turned out to be my absolute favorite. Every time I wear it, I get the most amazing compliments. I think part of it is that people aren't used to seeing bright jewel tones, but I am so glad they are back in style. I always looked good in them, and we haven't seen them since the late 80's. Paired with a fun patent blue platform sandal from Nine West, I look pretty hot, if I may say so myself.
At any rate, the best dress of the summer is now on sale over at Gap (along with everything else). They only have L, XL, and XXL left, but if you're lucky enough to be one of those sizes, you can score it for less than $50. Enjoy!

Review: Benefit's 10

I avoided buying this for awhile, because I thought it might just be too gimmicky. Nevermind that I love everything Benefit puts out, and have never had a bad experience with them. This product is no different. It really works exactly as described: pink on one side and bronze on the other, sweep your brush so that it is even on either side of the included brush. Sweep it over the cheekbones with the pink on top, and the bronze on the bottom, and viola! a sun kissed glow. It's really that simple. I remember the 80's when we had to use three colors of blush: the main color, the highlighter, and the contour. It's similar to that look, albeit on a softer scale. The bronze offers a contoured look that works well with summer makeup. I love to use mine with my mineral makeup and a bit of bronzer for a real sunkissed look.

Carmindy Recommends: Face Highlighters/Illumizers/Luminators

Face Highlighters

Reading Carmindy's Five Minute Face, I realize that I've never used highlighters. Time to start. She recommends using it on the upper cheekbones, below the eyebrows, and in the inside corners of your eyes.

See more of my Face Highlighters list at ThisNext.

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