Eyebrow Maintenance 101

Eyebrow maintenance has always been a headache for me. As you all know, I have some Italian in my blood which translated into caterpillars sleeping on my forehead, right above my eyes. I had no idea how pretty my eyes were until I sculpted those bad boys into shape! Now, please understand. This was not an overnight change for me. It took many trial-and-errors to really get the system down. But I wouldn’t had known how to create the most flattering brow line for my face without the help of some beautiful ladies (and one beautiful man!) Come along with me and enjoy my story of transformation from an average girl to a confident woman. Sit down and stay a while!

I should start by discussing the numerous options one has nowadays for eyebrow care. First, we have the old reliable – tweezers. Not my favorite option because I yelp like a baby yet the quickest and least expensive option out there. We have waxing, salon or take-home, and a new technique called threading. Now, although I have not tried the third option, I have heard it works well with duration between sessions. It is more costly and the process does take longer than a tweezing or waxing.

Regardless of your method, the theory is the same. To find the optimum eyebrow shape for your face, follow these simple steps:

1. Use a white pencil to line up your inner brow with the inner corner of your eye. Once you’ve done that, draw a white line vertically straight as a guide. You do not want any hairs inside those white lines. Extract those buggers!
2. For the length of your brow line, use the same white pencil to line up at the outer corner of your eye and hold at a 45 degree angle towards your temple. Draw another white line and use this as a guide. No hairs beyond the white line!
3. Now for the arch. This can seem intimidating because this part is really what matches the shape of your eyes and face. You want the brows to be thickest at your inner brow and gradually get thinner towards the outer brow line. Your arch should peak at the middle of your eyebrow. You can find this by lining up the pencil with your pupil vertically and drawing a dot below the brow line to reference the middle. You determine the thickness and thinness. Although I would suggest starting slowly and chipping away until you find the shape you like. It’s better to take more time and have a perfect brow than overzealously yank out more than enough and have to draw them on. Yikes.
4. One more thing! I always keep a toothbrush handy for makeup purposes. It’s a great tool to use to brush and straighten your brows out! Remember to keep all the hairs in an orderly brow!

My thoughts on which technique works the best are varied. I get mine waxed every once and a while to treat myself. This way, I can maintain for a few weeks with tweezers until my heritage comes creeping back through and my brows start to form a UNI-BROW. Thankfully, because I’ve been pulling tweezing the same area for so long it started to grow back baby fine and blond. However, this makes it that much harder to grab them with your tweezers. So once the peach-fuzz starts showing, I say it’s time to visit the salon. I hope this tutorial on brows has cleared up some confusion. Tweezing, waxing, hell…extracting hair from one’s body is torture. At least make sure you’re getting the look you want by doing it!


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