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Generally speaking, I am a minimalist in most areas of my life. I'm learning more and more that I shouldn't let my minimalist attitude cloud my judgement. I am a new admirer in the world of makeup and beauty products. But it was a long, gradual, uphill climb for me. I wrongly understood "minimalist" to mean that I shouldn't, and wouldn't, spend much on things. I should use the bear minimum daily. I now believe that by choosing to be a minimalist, I am wisely deciding where I can cut back by researching my dollars spent vs. the quality of the product. I am learning that it pays (pun intended) to do some investigating and have trial-and-error time until you find products/things that you are happy with. Imagine how genuinely happy you will be when you find the one that works! It becomes a love affair.

Everpure UV Protect Spray

Enter my new lova, L'Oreal Everpure UV Protect Spray. I am a home hair color fiend. I have always been drawn to the hair color aisle, calling me with it's "cinnaberry" and "indigo black". I gaze lovingly at the beautiful hues, imagining myself as a fiery redhead or a smoky blue black. Well, that and I am one of the lucky women who got her grays early. Yes, it's fabulous approaching my 28th birthday with funky style, a great laugh and....grays. No, really. Thanks, Mom. Point of the story is this. Since my home hair color routine has changed from "for fun" to "for those @#!*&@ grays", I have become serious about it. I did my research and had a few bad runs with some color only to find some really amazing products. Going back to my minimalist attitude (budget), I am not interested in spending beaucoup bucks on products that don't work. I wanted my T & E to be quick and painless for me and my wallet. I knew summertime was the best season to test strength and staying power of each color, so off I went on my hair hue adventure. Along the way, I stumbled across this protectant spray. My first thought was, "Riiiight. Because I need to spend more money." But then I started doing my reading and it turns out this product is right up my alley.

It is sulfate-free which is the first bonus. Second, it is a 100% vegan product with no animal testing or animal byproducts. Score! Now comes the most important test for me: the scent. I noticed it was "rosemary mint" so I was intrigued immediately. How fabulous and aromatic! I was taken back to my Grandma's backyard, with her fresh herbs growing and fragrant. I decided to give it an honest 2 weeks. I put it on my hair each morning and go about my day. First of all, I loved that my hair smelled of rosemary and mint all day. Second and most importantly, I saw very little fading. And I'm super critical. The texture of my hair changed from more dry to softer and rich. I didn't have any breaks or split ends which is rockstar strength during the summer with salt water, sun and chlorine.

I was mucho impressed. For approximately $8.99, you can cut back on how often you buy your hair color. Yes, you're still spending money but for a well-made product that prolongs the between-coloring time. Stretch the buck and save the time. I love it!
Also check out their Everpure Moisture Shampoo and Everpure Moisture Conditoner, great teammates to the spray!


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