Total Beauty Looks at the Best and Worst Acne Products
12 Best & Worst Acne Products

Zits happen, so trust these unbiased reader reviews to tell you which acne products actually deliver

Sure, dealing with acne in your teens is cruel -- but in your 20s, 30s and 40s? That's just plain unfair. Here we uncover the top reader-tested acne-fighting products, as well as the products that did not deliver results, so you can save your time and money.

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The Best: No. 6: Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion, $13.50 average rating: 8.7*

Even those who have "tried everything and nothing worked" claim this product is "like a miracle..."

No. 5: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, $9 average rating: 8.8*

"Just a dab with a Q-tip is all it takes for my pimples to be drastically reduced overnight..."

No. 4: Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads, $36 average rating: 8.9*

"The pads smell great, clear up acne, soften up lines and get your skin glowy..."

Want to see the rest of the best (and find out the worst)? Click here!

Aveda Wants to Save You This Father's Day

Because they know you probably haven't done anything about that yet, and holy crap, what are you waiting for?

So, pop on over to and send an e-card. With the card, dad will also get a free Aveda Man sample and a chance to enter and win an Aveda set. Of course, there is something in it for you too, greedy. When you send the card, you are entered to win Aveda sets for you and dear old dad. Bonus!

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Bond No. 9 Releases Yet Another Fragrance That Will Eventually Grace my Dresser

This one being a celebration of Harrods department store based in London. It contains notes of Neroli, Mandarin, Wild Chamomile, Tuberose, Clary Sage, Nutmeg, Amber, Leather, Sandalwood and Vetiver, which means that I will probably adore it, what with the leather, tuberose, and amber. Three of my favorite notes.

There is also a Harrods for Him which is described as an elegant male fougère that has been updated with gourmand accent flavors. The notes include lavender, violet leaf, sandalwood, musk, rhubarb leaf, star anise, chamomile, and pimento leaves. In case you still needed a Father's Day gift. Because that just sounds yum.

These will be at counters beginning July 15 exclusively at Harrods and at the several Bond No. 9 boutiques in New York City. 1.7 ounces will run you $155 and 3.4 ounces retails at $230. If you want the fancy bottle pictured here, be prepared to fork over $625 for 3.4 ounces. You can also find them at and

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L'Oreal HiP Kohl Eyeliner: Maybe Not for Novices

The first time I used this product, I had a problem with it. I didn't apply it very well, and some product ended up in under my contact and irritated my eye pretty badly.

However, practice makes perfect with this applicator, and the more comfortable I got with it, the more I liked it. I've always liked a stiff brush for my liquid eyeliner, and many of the same benefits apply for a powder liner. If you apply the hard applicator at an angle and drag it along the eye, you will get a beautiful, traditional kohl line that can be built on for more depth. The pigments are nice and dark, just the way I like them, and even on the lighter colors like gold, they don't get lost on the eye.

To reduce fallout, which is a problem with any powder liner, in my experience, make sure to tap the applicator wand well against the bottle before pulling it completely out.

CFDA/Vogue Fashion Funds up at Gap Today

In stores and at, the limited edition collection designed by the finalists of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. This year, it's inspired by the classic khaki.

Alexander Wang, the girls of Vena Cava, and Albertus Swanepoel contributed, and it's a mix of dresses, pants, shorts, and hats.

I think Swanepoel's hats are adorable, but the rest of it doesn't do a thing for me, although to be fair, I'm not a khakis kind of girl. The highwasted khakis are just awful, with pleats and tapered legs. The dress isn't so bad, but the exposed zipper hardware isn't my style.

Head on over and check it out, and tell us what you think!

On My Wish List

It hasn't been released yet, but I just added How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World: The Art of Living with Style, Class, and Grace to my must-read list.

Obviously I think that Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of class and style, and I think that kind of glamour is long gone, and I blame the Paris' and the LiLo's of the world.

Regardless of what I take away from the tome (modest clothing, really?), I want to purchase it just because I agree with the idea.

Plaid Wrap Shirt from Express

I don't think I've purchased anything from Express since I was in my early 20's and needed clothing for clubbing and my office job. But I do think this pink plaid wrap top is really cute. Wrap tops are flattering to just about everyone, and you can grab this one for $49.50 at

Elizabeth Grant Soleil Smart Skin Care

I bet you've never heard of Elizabeth Grant's skin care products. And that's unfortunate, because they are really quite good!

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try several products out of the Soleil Smart line of sunscreens and bronzers, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

My favorite product out of the entire line is the Lip Protection SPF 15. It's a great lip balm that gives you good protection when you're outdoors. I find it the most helpful when I'm at the beach. It also is a great base to put on before your lipstick, and helps keep lips moisturized and protected.

Also fabulous is the Soleil Smart Body Protection. This is a wonderful body lotion that works it's magic as a sunscreen without a harsh scent. I used this recently when I was going to be at a outdoor party, but I was a bit worried that I'd be trailing a whiff of that sunscreen smell everywhere I went. It wasn't a problem at all, and I was one of the few that didn't end up with a burn on my arms. It contains aloe vera, chamomile, shea butter, and Torricelumn, Elizabeth Grant's proprietary moisturizing compound.

I also tried the Body Bronzer, Elizabeth Grant's self tanner. Let me tell you, this self tanner is no joke. It develops in two hours and gives a deep bronze without a tint of orange. But be warned - you must apply this carefully, as it can streak. Also, consider using latex gloves to ward off the mess factor. The Face Bronzer isn't quite as dramatic, but it can be a little runny. It works brilliantly with a cotton pad, though, and the color isn't orange at all.

Purchase Elizabeth Grant products online at And as a bonus, right now you can receive 25% off your products by using the promo code THANKYOU at checkout.

Update on the Secret Diamond Giveaway

If you haven't entered Secret's Diamond Giveaways, there is still time!

Good luck!

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